The package is hosted on PyPI and so can be installed via pip:

$ pip install lz4

The LZ4 bindings require linking to the LZ4 library, and so if there is not a pre-compiled wheel available for your platform you will need to have a suitable C compiler available, as well as the Python development header files.

The LZ4 library bindings provided by this package require the LZ4 library. If the system already has an LZ4 library and development header files present, and the library is a recent enough version the package will build against that. Otherwise, the package will use a bundled version of the library files to link against. The package currently requires LZ4 version 1.7.5 or later.

The package can also be installed manually:

$ python install

Several packages need to be present on the system ahead of running this command. They can be installed using pip:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Test suite

The package includes an extensive test suite that can be run using:

$ python test

or, preferably, via tox:

$ tox


The package also includes documentation in the docs directory. The documentation is built using Sphinx, and can be built using the included Makefile:

$ cd docs
$ make html

To see other documentation targets that are available use the command make help.