lz4 package

Most of the functionality of this package is found in the lz4.frame sub-package and the lz4.block sub-package format bindings. The base package functionality is described here.



Returns the version number of the LZ4 library

Deprecated functions

The following methods are provided as wrappers around compress and decompress for backwards compatibility, but will be removed in the near future. These methods are also imported into the lz4 top level namespace for backwards compatibility.

This documentation is intentionally vague so as to discourage you from using these functions. Code that uses the functions will raised a DeprecatedWarning.

  • dumps, and LZ4_compress are wrappers around lz4.block.compress
  • loads, uncompress, LZ4_uncompress are wrappers around lz4.block.decompress
  • compress_fast and LZ4_compress_fast are wrappers around lz4.block.compress with mode=fast
  • compressHC is a wrapper around lz4.block.compress with mode=high_compression